To assist us in making a determination about which projects are best suited for the capstone course and/or for our engaged scholarship agenda, we request that you please complete the following. It is more important that we understand the factual information; therefore, simple descriptions and bulleted lists are acceptable.


Title: A Concise Summary of the Issue to Be Studied


Background (125 words or less): A brief overview and description of the situation to be studied. This section seeks to define the context of the study by addressing: who, what, and where?


Statement of the Problem (75 words or less): This section addresses why by seeking to answer the following types of questions: Why study this issue? Why conduct this research?


Research Question: Based on the problem statement outlined above, draft a question that best captures the root of the problem or issue.


Goals or Objectives of the Study (List 3 objectives in bullet format): What does the organization expect to gain from conducting this study? Who is (are) the target audience(s)? How would you measure your objectives?


What is Known About the Issue (125 words or less): Describe what the organization currently understands about the issue.


Executive Collaborator(s): Who will be responsible to participate as a team leader or project champion for this initiative? Are organizational experts to serve as project contributors? Describe how collaborators will be accountable for results.


Framework: Are you using (or have you used) a model to better understand the problem or desired state? Does this model seem to be appropriate? Why or why not?


Methodology (bullet format):

  • Which metrics would help to answer the research question(s) you posed above?
  • Describe the types of data that may be useful in addressing/measuring the issue. Are the data readily available, or will the team need to collect data?
  • Explain how the organization believes the team should likely approach its study (survey, observation, records review, etc.).
  • Describe how the team will obtain access to data or data analysis tools.
  • Explain how the team could incorporate relevant technical experts and/or multidisciplinary stakeholders (LEAN Project Managers, IT specialists, data analysts).
  • What is the timeline necessary for completion? Would this project fit within a 10-week course, or does this project fit within the context of a larger initiative?



What would the organization learn from conducting this study? How would the organization likely benefit from the study? How could students benefit from working with the organization to further describe or solve this issue?



Consider whether the participant organization would be interested in publishing and/or presenting study findings and indicate your preferences here: authorship, presentations at national conferences, publications, or other suggested venues. Please let me know if you wish to be a co-author.