WSHEF Advancement Committee – Volunteer Opportunities

WSHEF members are often looking for opportunities to assist with an event or activity.
The Advancement Committee has some great opportunities for WSHEF members
looking for a chance to become more involved and give back to our profession. Please
consider one of the following opportunities:



Fellows Only Event – These events are tailored to members that have attained the
Fellow certification in the American College of Healthcare Executives. Help or lead the
selection of a sponsor, venue, speaker and other logistics to host another outstanding
opportunity for ACHE Fellows to network and gain additional healthcare knowledge. In
the past, proceeds of these events have gone to the Foundation for Healthcare Excellence.
Advancement Information Sessions – Are you a recent Fellow in the American College
of Healthcare Executives? Are you interested in getting the next batch of members
motivated to work towards their own Fellow credential to demonstrate excellence in
healthcare management? Then consider volunteering to lead or assist with the
development of Advancement Information Sessions every three to six months. Ideally
these session or webinars will provide 1.5 hours of information on the steps for a member
to take to move to the next level as a certified healthcare executive with the ACHE
Fellow designation.



Board of Governor (BOG) Exam Study Group – Getting ready for the BOG exam to
apply toward your Fellow credential with ACHE? Consider a study group to help
motivate and guide your preparation. Study groups will follow the format of the ACHE
preparation guides and have periodic online meetings as determined by the group. The
groups share the initial preparation of the discussion using the ACHE recommended
materials. As an added bonus, each member that successfully passes the BOG exam

within a year of the end of the Study Group can submit the receipts for the ACHE study
preparation books and receive a $240 refund.



Board of Governor Exam Study Group Facilitator – One member of the study group
who is interested in running the study group can also apply to be a study group facilitator.
If selected, the member will have the ACHE exam preparation webinar series and the
preparation books covered by the chapter. The facilitator will help arrange the study
group meetings and assignments. The group normally rotates taking lead on each topic to
be covered at study group meeting. Virtual meetings will be encouraged to allow for
remote BOG exam candidates to be able to participate.