Volunteer Asks


  1. Host a Meet & Mingle
  2. Be an organization champion
  3. Serve on a WSHEF committee
  4. Host a remote site event (teleconference of an event at another location)
  5. Ad hoc volunteering at in-person events (planning event, pass out name tags, etc.)
  6. Coordinator for the BOG exam study group
  7. Champion group to support outreach to advancement-eligible members
  8. Sponsor a new member to attend an event with you
  9. Write an article for the newsletter
  10. Technology advisor (web connections, etc.)
  11. Take ownership over planning an event
  12. Identify speakers for potential education events and reach out to them
  13. Identify “low hanging fruit” organizations and people who can be more engaged in ACHE if asked
  14. Social medial evangelist (for WSHEF)


Contact wshef.admin@achemail.net to become a WSHEF Volunteer!